A New Age and a New Way


The total Precession of the Equinox requires around 26,000 years. This outcomes in any single age going on something like 2,150 years. We can’t be sure precisely when the Age of Pisces started, just that it was around the hour of one called Jesus – this much is cosmically sure. This implies, nonetheless, that we can’t be aware for specific when the Age of Aquarius is to start. Knowing this soon to show up new age has specific mysterious qualities (for example female, goddess-focused ways), we can, nonetheless, search for the appearances of these attributes, and the recurrence of specific changes in social considerations and ways of behaving of individuals in the last not many hundred years.


Everything was essentially the state of affairs in this period, until not long before the turn of the last hundred years. The center point of the world around then was England, and she was encountering extraordinary changes between more liberated thought on over to extremist idea for the time during the Edwardian and Victorian Ages. Lady’s privileges, sexuality, enchanted practice and goddess/earth love became issues of the day. The Suffragette development was huge in both England and America. The patterns towards “young lady power” turned into a suitable showcasing standard by the 50’s in the States, where being a housewife conveyed a ton of expenditure power. The Women’s Liberation, despite it’s undeniable outcomes in the working environment, was an essential exertion. This to say that we had clearly gone into exemplary cusp movement, where another age gives it’s indications with its methodology, a long time before its actual appearance.


The impacts of the previous age will, obviously, wait past their time, even as the new age has started. Some could say our Piscean conduct has been something other than holding tight it has really become unstable and incredibly persistent. This force could ordinarily show a significant stretch into the Aquarian Age where we actually witness this way of behaving for a long time to come, and regardless of whether this perhaps obvious, I would guess (in light of the adage that the bulb consumes most brilliant not long before it kicks the bucket), that the energy laid out now will presently beat itself. Joined with the development our Community has acquired in only the most recent 40 years, we have a decent possibility being very much dug in our new age, and our new ways in something like 10 years of entering the Aquarian Age.


Back to dates – how might we know when this new age starts? To begin with, time in God’s eyes amounts to nothing. That being said, I will proceed we are calendrical people groups, we register the stricking of light on material surfaces via this construction called time. Time permits us, in addition to other things, to figure out our reality and our limits, and How to join the illuminati thusly, we can rise above something very similar.


The Aquarian Age is proven by Mayan, Hopi, and Egyptian prediction and schedules. The Mayan calender is most unambiguous in regards to dates, and gives us a figure for the change in a very long time. Similarly as during any month, we know precisely when the sun transforms it sign, through the Mayan schedule, we can now know all the more acurately when the Aquarian Age starts – at some point in our Gregorian year of 2012. We presently have our open door to lay out the new ways that we wish to be into the universe of structure – we currently make some short memories to rehearse, to get a leap on things.


The underlying jump we required close to 100 years back made them tear towards the ground at enormous and confusing rate, yet we can now see the ground whereupon we will land. We can see this landscape all the more plainly now, and are alright ready for a fast arrival. Our Community will be laid out, consider this our immersion, the day we hit the ground.


Contemptibility, debasement and narrow mindedness will bite the dust with the fighter/dinosaurs that training these strategies for acquiring and holding control over others. We, as a race, will never again be beguiled by evident situation and appearances of the last and frantic activities of people with great influence. The demonstrations we witness today are just the fits of the dead carcass of the Piscean Age.


The entryways of insight are open, and the dividers of Jericho are beginning to fall as our call rings out more boisterously every day. We are in good company, separated, or frail. The powers that have been utilized for centuries to icily embrace us with this authoritarian shadow are our powers – these powers that we have with such ease and carelessly gave up are unadulterated and non-biased; they are accessible to all, and are essentially abused by the people pulling the strings of this day. This truly restricts the force of the people who hold it today. Everything is purposeful misdirection when power is degraded.


Albert Einstien expressed once that issues can’t be settled on similar level they were made, and consequently, many trust that those equivalent devices, customs, and delicate mystical controls utilized for political addition would be the incorrect method for moving toward the issues we have before us – issues obvious in expanding centralization of government, pruning of specific opportunities by spectacular exhibition plans, and lethargic reactions to devised calamities and emergencies that speedy us to simply go out to shop.


We can utilize similar apparatuses referenced above, at present utilized by such rumored Masonic gatherings and the Illuminati took care of orders set before us. Charms, lamens, and images once held in secret from times before old Egypt are currently being uncovered, and these images and practices are not, and never were obtained in noxiousness. These original powers are obtained as needs be both in the murkiness and in the light, are not to be viewed as products to be carefully guarded, and are not to be viewed as one or the other great or malevolence – they rise above everything in the realm of duality, and are just qualified as “great” or “fiendishness” by those that utilization them or see them. All by themselves, these powers just exist in an unadulterated condition of potential, and just expect thinking to treat them to learn their right and adjusted use.


We carry dread to these spots of the Temples of Man since we have seen the extraordinary abuse of these general and planetary powers, and as a result of the manner in which we have been informed that they are. The ladylike has been adulterated for a really long time, and is currently something to be dreaded. We have been controlled by religion, and debilitated by organizations all over the planet, yet records have endure the centuries even before our noses. It is just in our debilitated, drowsy express that we won’t guarantee and concede our opportunity and power – in the interim we shout out for it our fantasies, and amidst obvious turmoil.


We currently should guarantee what is legitimately our own, and cut off our help of this deceptive design called our current government that exists just to benefit itself and its individuals by utilizing individuals, crowding individuals, and butchering individuals. Deny those pioneers, people, that make guarantees of a superior life, and acknowledge your natural and inherent capacity to administer yourself. The public authority should serve its kin, not administer them.

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