Have Fun Playing Zombie Trapper




Zombie Trapper is a great zombie activity game introduced by Funnault. The narrative of the game is as per the following: A dim demon has awoken and it is sending lethal zombie animals to serene Oakwood Village. Their insidious object is to annihilate the Holy Altars and no one but you can stop them.


You are the Sheriff of Oakwood Village and it’s your obligation to safeguard the town. Zombies will come from the door of each level and stroll towards the Holy Altar. You should stop them by all means before they reach and annihilate it.


In your fight against zombies, you have three methods for assault and protection. Your weapon: you start with a straightforward handgun and purchase firearm updates later in the game. You can set zombie traps with brown haze, flares and more along the zombie way and you can likewise 44-40 ammo for sale fabricate wall to delay and hold them back from entering the region you are safeguarding for longer timeframes. Before each level, you are given opportunity to set up the snares and fences and you can likewise set them up during the level.


Zombie Trapper is a leap and run kind of shooting match-up with animation like illustrations. You can utilize the WASD or bolt keys to move, 1 to 5 for setting up zombie traps, and 7 to 0 for setting up wall. You shoot by squeezing J or Z and you can switch weapons with Q. You can get wellbeing units, the means to purchase updates toward the finish of each level and ammunition. The game elements 20 activity pressed levels to save you dynamic for quite a long time.

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