Some Common Baby Concerns and How Baby Massage Can Help

Please do seek medical advice to rule out any serious conditions and if you are in any way worried about your baby’s health. The following information is my personal opinion and experience and should be taken as such. I am not a medical professional, just speaking from personal experience and from the hundreds of parents and babies I have been in contact with.


Enough to strike fear into any parent, colic isn’t even a ‘real’ condition – in that it is a term used when a baby is crying for a prolonged period of time for no discernible reason, and usually in the evening. There is a rule of threes – three hours of crying more than three times a week, up to three months of age. Apparently there are new rules – starts within three weeks, for three weeks or more but between you and me I think the last two were just to invent new rules of three. Also known as infant colic, infantile colic or baby colic, unlike the horse variety, colic isn’t life threatening – only sanity threatening. Dealing with a screaming baby, often in the evening (also known as the witching hours between 5 and 8 – you know, just when your partner gets home and you want to wind down) day in, day out can test the patience of a saint. Suddenly all the smug/lucky/lying mums with their angels settling at 7pm sharp after a Gina Ford-esque style routine and eyes are cast skywards for a ‘why me’ moment.

Fear not! We have tips to help and downloads available. But first I just want to advise you to look after yourselves – get Dad, granny, auntie or whoever to take up the slack – 5 minutes of peace (yes it is OK to walk out the front door and keep on walking for a while when your baby is in safe hands) is worth a great deal when you have been pacing the floor since tea. A massage, a bath, a still-hot cup of tea – all quite rare yet important so make some time for yourself – please? I would imagine that online support groups within the baby websites will also yield a plethora of similarly dishevelled and desperate for tips parents so at least when the only position that helps is bolt upright against your shoulder, you can surf the ‘net with your free hand. Sympathy may be in short supply from your similarly stressed and exhausted partner so feel free to vent to others instead.

One of the greatest benefits of baby massage is the effect on colicky babies, coupled with the enjoyment of parents spending some non-screaming/pacing time with baby. My advice would be two-fold – a full massage routine carried out at a calm time of the day (usually morning, after the feed has gone down fully (maybe one hour) as a regular feature, plus use the emergency tips featured in No Cry Baby to help ease symptoms of the colic itself. Of course your baby won’t be so amenable during a colic episode but I would hope that symptoms would ease over time with the techniques shown in the full massage routine.


A ‘concern’ very close my heart. Having had two children with reflux I think I have most of it covered; Infant Gaviscon (lifesaver – get it on prescription), raised head of the bed, changes of clothes, tea towels to protect clothing (forget muslins – projectile vomiting laughs in the face of such flimsy material), car mirror to monitor baby in the back rear facing car seats for those been-sick-all-over-my-face-and-in-the-deepest-recesses-of-the-car-seat moments), Infacol (use every day even when symptoms have 출장마사지 subsided) and basically waiting for them to sit up more and start weaning which is really when it stops and you move onto something else to be worried about.

There are moves within the Massage for Happy Babies that will help with reflux, and a particular reflexology technique that can help – it is a bit difficult to explain in writing so feel free to email me for tips (and sympathy).


Constipation and difficulty going to the toilet can be really distressing for both babies and parents. As the child becomes more aware, they can begin to hold back which compounds the problem and to see a child becoming increasingly upset because they do not want to go to the toilet is difficult. Of course there are varying degrees of constipation from the newborn baby who hasn’t been for a day or two to the toddler who had developed a real fear and is in visible distress

as the time for going to the toilet nears. Of course seek medical advice but be prepared for medical intervention in the more severe cases – use in conjunction with more natural alternatives to help; cooled boiled water, warm baths, water rich and high fibre foods for the weaned baby and, you guessed it, massage! Massaging the abdomen in a clockwise direction is simple and effective. Following the direction of the colon makes perfect sense and massaging quite deep into the area (watch your baby at all times for any signs of distress) can gently

and effectively move food and waste products through the digestive system. The ascending, traverse and descending colon can also be traced and stimulated through reflexes on the feet, which are in a ‘goalpost’ shape on the underside of the two feet together, ending in a reflex for the rectum just on the inside edge of the left foot. I have had a 100% success rate with stimulating this point on the smallest babies to the largest grown-ups and having a ‘result’ – usually within hours if not minutes. Often the results of gently stimulating this point were instantaneous during my group baby massage classes

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