Paintball Sniper Intermediate and Advanced Gear

There are many things that can assist you as a paintball player especially if you want to be a paintball sniper.  Many of these things include pod carriers, camouflage, a silencer, and a scope.  These are excellent accessories to the game.

A silencer is the best thing you might want to add to your sniper rifle.  This will allow you to take shots and no one hear the gun fire.  This is very beneficial if you have enemies nearby and you don’t want to be heard.  The silencer allows you to take a shot quietly.  Some guns are very loud when they shoot.  You don’t want this.  As a sniper you have to be as quiet as possible.  That means with your movements as you crawl, when you talk to your teammates through radios, and when you shoot your gun.

Pod carriers allow you to carry extra ammunition on you while you are playing the game.  These carriers can be fastened on a belt or in a vest.  You don’t want to lose your ammo or find that you left it at the last location you were hiding before.  Running out of ammo can be the end of your paintball game, especially if you cannot get to a teammate who uses the same type of ammunition that you do.  Pod carriers are the best solution.

Camouflage is important because you don’t want to be seen when you are playing.  You don’t always need camouflage if you are playing paintball in the dark.  Many people like to wear black.  Some people like to wear outfits that have leaves and things integrated in them so they look like the ground until they stand up and begin firing; these are called ghillie suits.  The goal is to blend in with the environment you are playing in.  You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb because you will be out of the game within a few minutes of play.

A scope and a red dot laser are important to many snipers also.  Some people don’t think about this until they get out on the playing field and they have a disadvantage because they cannot get their target in the right line of sight.  They may continue to miss their target. A red dot laser allows you to have your shot in place before you pull the trigger.  The scope allows you to see further distances and know you have your target in sight also.  These two accessories are very important and can help you become an amazing sniper out in the field.

When you are a paintball sniper there are many considerations to being a good sniper.  These things include carrying extra ammunition, blending in with the environment with your clothing, and using a silencer on your gun.  These few things can help you tremendously last for a very long time out on the field when you are playing paintball.  Be sure to be as quiet as you can when you are shooting and talking to your teammates too.  A sniper is a sneaky player that has an excellent aim for their target.

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